2018 | Drama | 7:21 

A nine-year-old closeted evangelical Christian tomboy must prove her faith by vandalising an LGBTQIA sex shop.

2019 Melbourne International Film Festival - Eyes Wide Open: Childhood Shorts 

2019 Australian Director’s Guild Award - Best Direction in a Student Short Film

Writer/Director - Kirrilee Bailey
Producers - Frances Mariani + Olivia Fay
Director of Photography - Jesse Gohier-Fleet
Production Designer - Ruby Railey
Editor - Greta Robenstone
Sound Designers - Niels Gabriels + Troy Mauri
1st Assistant Directors - Olivia Fay + Frances Mariani
Sound Recordist - Chris Clarke
Casting Director - Olivia Fay
1st Assistant Camera - Nathan Guy + Taylan Ceylan
Unit Manager - Ella Sowinska
Art Department Assistant - Jeannie Rowbotham
SFX Makeup - Ivana Ciccone/Evouler
Child Supervisors - Hannah Thornell + Isabella Capezio
Stills Photographer - Claire Summers
Safety Officers - Siros Niaros + Reg Roordink
Body Double - Erin Clements
Post Production Coordinator - Gordon Lyon
Colourist - Ciara Gallogly
Online Editor - Declan Loughran
Visual Effects - Drew Moden
Supervising Producer - Adrian Holmes
VCA Screen Production Coordinator - Stephanie Phillips
Em - Cali Van Dyke-Goodman
Jess - Freya Van Dyke-Goodman
Barb - Bumpa Love
Nadia - Madison Lu
Jason - Benjamin Bonnici
Tom - Oscar Lidgerwood

VCA Film and Television, Victorian College of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne, © The University of Melbourne 2018.